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Want to work in cool offices? Check.
Want to work from your bed? Why not.
Want to take a course? You pick, we pay.
Want to express yourself? We don’t judge.
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Lumston's values


We love what we do, and as such, there is a special commitment in every project we work on. We look forward to bring the best outcome out of every situation, treating every project as our very own


A team can’t exist without trust, and we are proud to say we have a force 100% worthy of it. We have each other’s backs and we know it.


We know nobody has to know all the answers in the world, but we really value those who are willing to look for them by themselves. We encourage our team to brainstorm, take chances and search for self-improvement


We are committed and put all our efforts to give our projects the respect they deserve. This value is translated into results and so we deliver

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Lumston's offices'

Av. Magallanes 1155, El Mirador Juan Arias, 45600 Santa Anita, Jal.

Guadalajara - Lumston

Guadalajara - Lumston

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Foráneos - Lumston

Foráneos - Lumston